Realme X2

Earlier we got the few leaks revealing the Realme considering to introduce yet another smartphone but this time with flagship chipset. Now Realme China Xu Qi Chase the CMO has just teased the upcoming Realme flagship killer.

As per the post on Weibo, the Realme CMO just mentioned the upcoming Realme flagship in works which is codenamed as Samurai or Super Warrior. Further, the Weibo post also revealed that the Realme flagship will be powered by SD855+ SoC. The Realme X2 Pro is scheduled to launch sometime by mid-Oct.

Later the Realme CMO officially revealed the official name of the upcoming flagship as Realme X2 Pro Super Samurai. So finally we will see the flagship killer smartphone from Realme in coming months. Still, we are not sure whether the device will come with same specs as Realme X2 but with the better chipset.