Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4 XL

Earlier we saw various leaks and rumours about the new Google Pixel 4 leaked which also include the retail box revealing the specs of the device. Now the same source has further leaked the demo video showing the new Google Pixel 4 series Motion Sense.

Google Pixel 4

As per the source, they have got their hands on the new Demo video showing the Motion Sense on Google Pixel 4. From the video, the new Google Pixel 4 series new Motion Sense can now Snooze ringing Alarm by just waving your hand over the phone.

Not just that, one can even silence the incoming call by just waving over the screen. Further, Motion Sense can even skip tracks on YouTube Music by just swiping over the screen. Looks like the Motion Sense can be used for multiple tasks without touching the device which was introduced by Samsung long back on Galaxy S4.