Earlier we saw Xiaomi partnering with Samsung for the whopping Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX 108MP sensor. We also got to know that the device will come under Xiaomi Mi series and will be unveiled by end of 2019. Further, we saw numerous rumours about the 108MP camera phone is none other than Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi 108 MP camera phone

Now a report from XDA developers provides us that Xiaomi is not launching just one or two but four new smartphones with 108MP sensor. As per the source, they have found nearly four unknown Xiaomi devices featuring 108MP sensor while tearing down the MIUI Gallery app. The four devices named as tucana, draco, umi & cmi.

Further, the source also confirms that none of them is linked with Mi Mix 4. So we hardly believe that the Mi Mix 4 will feature 108MP camera after all. If Xiaomi is above to launch all these four devices it might be divided into Xiaomi and Redmi brands.