After tons of rumours and leaks about Huawei working on the full-fledged OS for smartphones and IoT, we finally have the OS officially announced at HDC2019. Huawei has finally unveiled the very own OS for the cross-platform alternative operating system at HDC 2019.

Again the new Harmony OS will be an Open source project so that any brand can use its OS for its devices. The new Harmony OS will be running on smartphones to smart wearables, TVs, tablets, laptops and even cars. The new HarmonyOS is built on a microkernel-based operating system with faster-operating speeds and minimum latency levels.

The new Harmony OS comes with TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) certification for improved security among all devices running on that OS. Further, the Arc compiler of Huawei Harmony OS comes with support for all programming software like C/, C++, Java, JavaScript and Kotlin.

Further, Huawei also announced that in future they might opt-in for Harmony OS for their smartphones but for now they are sticking to Android OS due to a large number of apps and security support. Further, the new HarmonyOS will support all Android Apps including HTML5 and Linux based. Currently, the HarmonyOS is still under development and will see more developments in the coming months.