2019 iPad Mini

Long back the Apple founder Steve Jobs said that touch the display and say goodbye to stylus but its rival took the stylus to next level with its exclusive Note line-up that was immensely successful and we already have the Galaxy Note 10 on the way. Later Apple too introduces the new stylus called the Apple Pen along with iPad lineup a few years back.

Now after almost a decade Apple the company which ditched the stylus for full-screen touch is re-introducing the stylus aka Apple Pen support for the upcoming Apple iPhone 11. As per reports, some of the analysts confirmed that the next iPhone will finally add the Apple Pen support.

Apple iPhone XI

Apart from that, the Citi Reports also suggest that there will be three models with the almost similar screen size as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and will arrive with larger batteries along with triple rear cameras on the expensive iPhone’s. All the iPhone’s primary rear sensor will be of 14MP.

Apart from that, all three iPhone 11 will come with standard 10MP selfie shooter. As per the source, the new iPhone 11 will cost over $999 (Rs.69,000/-) whereas the iPhone 11 Max with $1099 (Rs.76,000/-) and the cheapest of all iPhone 11R at $749 (Rs.51,900/-) in the US.