Earlier we saw tons of renders leaked showing the almost similar 18:9 aspect ratio display with thicker bezels covering the display. Later we also got design confirmation from Google that the new Pixel 4 will arrive with Huawei Mate 20 Pro like camera setup.

Now Google has finally revealed some of the features of the new for the new Pixel 4. As per the blog post-Google finally confirms that the new Google Pixel 4 will arrive with five-year-old Project Soli a motion-sensing radar. The radar now detects planes and other large objects with help of the same tech. The new Project Soli motion sensor is now been located over the top-right corner of the device.

With the help of this feature, one can skip songs, snooze alarm, and even silence the phone call by just waving your hand over the phone. The new Motion Sense feature will arrive with Google Pixel 4 and will be available in select Pixel countries.


Google Pixel 4

Apart from that, the new Google Pixel 4 will also feature the Facial Recognition tech. Yes, the new Google Pixel 4 will get the new Face Unlock feature with some re-engineering done to make it more secure and unlocks the device only with the face registered.

With the help of Project Soli, there is no need to pick-up the phone to unlock the device as the Motion sensor automatically turns on the Face unlock sensor. Further, the new Face Unlock will even work if you hold the device upside down.

The last feature is again for securing your data with Titan M security chip. With Pixel 4 none of the data like images used for face unlock will never be saved or shared with Google servers. Even the Soli sensor data will never be shared with Google services.