The new ICC Cricket World Cup season is here and we are busy with our day to day activities and don’t get time to watch the match live. So we rely on some apps for the latest update which needs to be downloaded and will take extra storage space of your phone.

Google Assistant World Cup

Now popular search engine Google has just updated its popular Google Assistant and Google Search with latest scores and updates directly from ICC Cricket World Cup. Yes, just open your browser and just search for ICC Cricket World Cup and you will get the tournament table, stats, and upcoming matches right in Google search in multiple languages.

Google Assistant World Cup

For latest Cricket news you have just searched for “India cricket team” which will offer the latest news, view squads, lineups, and even dive into winning probabilities which will be updated even before the match goes live. If you can’t watch a live match, Search can help you stay on top of the game. You can view short video clips highlighting exciting moments, and read through live commentary in English and Hindi. If you’re following a team or all matches in the World Cup, you’ll also see game notifications appear on your home screen to make sure you don’t drop the ball.

One can even keep the track on the live scores by just pin real-time scores on your Android phone screen from Search on your browser or Google App. The Google search will also show the summaries including player of the match, top performers and key moments after every match ends.

Google Assistant World Cup

Further, Google has also updated the Google Assistant with the latest feature of showing the ICC Cricket World Cup match schedule by just saying “Hey Google, when does India play next?” For the latest stats of the current match one can just ask for “Hey Google, what are the current Cricket standings?” which even work with Google Search. During the match, one can even ask your Google Assistant the stats or career history of your favourite player like how many careers runs a player has, or who the player of a specific match was.

Google Home

Further, YouTube has partnered with ICC Cricket World Cup for all the highlights along with behind the scenes of the match on the official ICC channel. So this Cricket Season one can just Google away for the latest score and updates of the upcoming ICC World Cup.



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