Earlier this year Google quietly announced the next iteration of Android with Android Q whose still name it unknown. Now at the annual Google, I/O 2019 company has officially launched the new Android 10 Q and also revealed all the major changes added in the OS.

Screen Continuity & 5G:

With the new Android 10 Q Google has now added support for foldable devices with new features called Screen Continuity. The Screen Continuity features will allow users to use the app without any delay while folding and unfolding the devices based on different screen sizes. Further, the new Android Q will also get 5G support out of the box.

Further, Google has also get rid of the navigation key located at the bottom of the screen on the new Android 10 Q and will add full-screen gestures similar to iPhone X which also get extra space for apps with the removal of the navigation bar. One can swipe right or left to go back or swipe from the bottom of the screen for Home, swipe up and pause to show recent apps.

Live Caption:

The next feature is for those who are hard of hearing or who can’t speak this feature will automatically show the caption below the screen when you play any video or audio or podcast on any app without the need of internet connection with the help of new machine learning.

Smart Reply:

Android 10 Q
Smart Reply

The next feature is also based on a new machine learning which allows us to Smart Reply to all the messaging apps with the automatic suggestion of replies along with some actions. If you receive the message with an address the new Smart Reply feature will automatically show an option of Go to Maps directly on the notification panel without one need to open the app.

Dark Theme:


The next feature is for those who like Darker background which will allow users to save some battery. The feature when enabled not only turns the background into a dark but also force apply the theme to all apps. Further, Google has also added Force Dark Theme so that the developer will get an option to automatically create a dark version of the app.


Android 10 Q

Further, Android 10 Q also gets various minor updates which brings some changes to the performance of the device. Now one can choose the option of sharing their location as Google has added three new option to allow access all the time, only while using the app, or deny location access.

Project Mainline:

The new Android 10 Q will finally bring the much-awaited feature with Project mainline that allows the manufacturer to push the internal component OS updates directly to the Google Play Store which also applies the update without the need of rebooting the device. This will also solve one of the major issues with slower Android updates as it allows to publish the OTA update directly from Play store just like updating an app.

Focus Mode:

The next feature is the new Focus mode which will be available to both Android 10 Q & Android 9 Pie later this year. The Focus mode will allow a user to set a target and get the things done without much disturbance or notification. One can block the app notification for a particular time with the help of Focus Mode.

Family Link:

Android 10 Q

After introducing unique feature Digital Wellbeing Google has now added the new Family Link aka parental controls to their upcoming Android 10 Q which will be enabled under settings app to every device having support for Digital Wellbeing. Once you set up the device as Child the Family Link will allow one to track your Child device along with review apps, set daily limits, view app time, and set a bedtime.

These are the major features which will make their way in coming months to the new Android 10 Q. Further, Google has started rolling out the Android 10 Q Beta 2 update to all Pixel devices including 21 other devices from today.