iOS 12

Earlier we got the details for this year WWDC conference where Apple will announce its latest OS for both iPhone and Mac devices. Now the popular website has just leaked the top features coming to the new iOS 13 ahead of the official announcement.

As per the source, Apple will finally bring the Dark Mode to the iOS 13 for both iPhones and iPads. It will also come with a system-wide setting with high contrast similar to recently introduced Mac OS. Further, the iPad apps running on Mac with the help of Marzipan will get the support for the Dark mode.

iOS 13

The iPad will get some great features with iOS 13 like the apps can make multiple windows simultaneously under the multi-tasking menu. Each of the windows will come with separate sheets which are assigned to certain part for the display and user can detach by dragging them if not required.

Next big change is with the default browser Safari. Finally, the Safari Browser will get the much-awaited request for Desktop site button, but if the website is incompatible with Safari then it will stick to the Desktop site automatically.

Further with iOS 13, it will bring the new Undo gesture which is missing on the current version where users have to shake the device. But with iOS 13 iPad user will get new Undo Gesture where one has to place three fingers on a keyboard and swipe to the left whereas swiping to right will redo.

Further, Apple will also bring some major changes to the default Mails app. With iOS 13 one can able to organize emails into different categories like shopping and each of them can be easily searchable. It will also get the read later option.

Apple is also adding a new gesture on iOS 13 where users can select multiple items in one go. The gesture is simple drawing multiple fingers on the items similar to using a mouse to select multiple items on the desktop.

Apart from this, the iOS 13 will also get the dedicated Font management app under the settings panel. All new Reminder app, redesigned Volume HUD buttons and improved Hey Siri rejections.