Technology software solutions provider Trihund Solutions has commenced a relaunch of their pioneer software brand ‘SamayLa.  The new software brand, WorkKey incorporates robotic process automation and the use of new-age interfaces that allow data to be used between multiple applications.

Trihund Solutions

With its intuitive features, WorkKey represents a forward leap in business process automation. The company has undertaken a major review of the platform’s access, uptake, and usage. The redesign simplifies the setup process, improves ease of use allows a high level of customization. As such, WorkKey offers an economy of scope in which the principles of automation can be brought to bear on the smallest tasks.

Trihund Solutions brings to the emergent field of workflow management a philosophy that encourages simplicity in organizing voluminous data such as email. Its pioneering SamayLa software was based on a patent-filed nested structure that uses templates to organize data generated by complex projects and vast teams. The new WorkKey software provides email integration and crystal clear communication channels featuring high-quality video calls, along with high-end automation processes like audits, agent management system, AI assists, and project management.

What’s changed?

WorkKey creates logical mind maps using pre-defined templates and state-of-the-art dashboards. It maps work into logical categories and drastically reduces time spent on repeat communications.  Adoption of the new brand improves the efficiency with which an organization can handle large volumes of data generated by business processes and large teams. Most importantly, it helps in building a healthy work culture with clear accountability across the organization. The underlying technology based on microservices and a new tech stack, which makes the product way faster in terms of performance. New modules and features have been incorporated to increase the usability of the product; thus it offers chat, video calling, voice calling, group calling,  email support, FAQs, and so on. This reduces the dependency on client support people and further accelerates adoption in the organization.

“We are excited to be setting new benchmarks in software services and system integration powered by our strong focus on innovation, quality, and speed. This new version of WorkKey will help to bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies,” said Mr. Varun Bhutani, Founder & CEO, Trihund Solutions Pvt. Ltd.