Xiaomi Mi 9

Earlier we spotted two new Xiaomi smartphones with model number M1902F1T/A and M1903F2A passing through the TENAA Certification. Now we have the third unknown device with model number M1902F1T has now been certified by TENAA.

Xiaomi Mi 9


The new Xiaomi M1902F1T is suspected to be the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9 as even the predecessor with Mi 8 arrive with same model number M1803E1A/T last year on TENAA listing. Whereas the Mi 8 SE came with a model number M1805E2A. By comparing the model number we can see the only change between the two is the letter E is changed to F on the new device which might be the Xiaomi Mi 9.

We can also expect the new M1903F2A to be the Mi 9 SE. Apart from this, nothing much about the device is leaked at the moment and have to wait for few more days to get some more details listed on TENAA.