With the new year, we have new smartphones launching for that we also need some new software so brands update their smartphones with a new version of the skin. Now Xiaomi has announced the new MIUI 11 in China.



Xiaomi has unveiled the new MIUI 11 logo at the event and said that it will be a lot faster than current MIUI 10 & MIUI 9. Xiaomi further claimed that MIUI 11 will be a new and unique OS. The new MIUI 11 development was started in an event attended by Liu Ming, head of the product planning department.

The new MIUI 11 will also come with smarter AI functions than the current version. Sadly, there are no details or features about the new MIUI 11 shared in the event. We have to wait for a few more months to get more details about the new MIUI 11.