We all know Xiaomi has numerous products right from toothbrush to smartphone and Kitchen appliances and what not. But the company doesn’t launch any of the products here in India apart from smartphones and accessories along with TV’s. Now Xiaomi has launched a platform to buy products directly from China with ShareSave app.

Yes, now one can directly buy Xiaomi products launched in China which will be shipped directly to your doorstep in India through the new ShareSave App. We might find much other e-commerce websites selling the Xiaomi products but the amount of import and other duties go up the overall cost of the product. With the new ShareSave App, one can reduce the cost of the product through various offers.

ShareSave App

The App comes with a few new modes like the Pair Mode where one can share the product to your friend and buying the same product from seller gives a discount. The next comes the Drop mode which provides a huge discount if you get a group of friends to buy the product. Lastly, we have the Kickstart where one can invest their money on the startup product once the item gets fully funded one can earn 10 times amount back.

ShareSave App will give you the power to buy the same product available in China with a less complicated process and deliver the items at your doorsteps and provides best after-sale service to your products. Currently, the new ShareSave App is available only for Indian users. Download the new ShareSave APP