Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung is all set to unveil the new foldable smartphone which is rumored to be called the Samsung Galaxy F or Fold later next year. Earlier we saw various leaks and rumors about the device which already confirmed that Galaxy F will be available in limited numbers.

Samsung Foldable phone

Samsung is struggling with their popularity as it going on decreasing day by day due to no innovation or overpriced smartphone and tough competition from Chinese brands. So to overcome this Samsung has opted for something new which is none other than the new foldable smartphone.

As per reports, the new Galaxy F will have just 1 Million units for the first batch and will later increase the units based on the response received from various parts of the world. Further, the report also claims that the new Samsung Galaxy F is not for everyone out there as it will be a very pricey device and not made for the youngster. Samsung is all set to start the mass production by end of this year.