Samsung Infinity Flex

Samsung Developer Conference is here and we all were waiting for the first glimpse of the new foldable smartphone which has been branded as Infinity Flex display. Samsung also announced the dedicated UI for the foldable devices with One UI which will also arrive on the non-foldable devices too so probably Samsung is re-branding the Samsung Experience UI to simply One UI.

Samsung Infinity Flex

Sadly, Samsung didn’t announce the complete foldable smartphone here instead just showcased the foldable plastic OLED panel with Infinity flex. The display when folded act as a traditional smartphone and when opened it turns out to be the tablet of 7.3 inches in size.

We all know Samsung custom UI lags a lot to overcome this company has closely worked with Google and made a new lighter and faster custom skin with One UI. The new One UI is specifically made for foldable displays and keeps much-used content on the bottom of the screen so that one can use the device single-handed. When the device act as tablet we get completely optimized UI specifically for tablets without any lags and gives users to multi-task and can keep three apps open at once.

Samsung One UI

Sadly, Samsung didn’t tell anything much about the foldable smartphone but announced that the new Infinity Flex display will soon hit mass production in the coming months. Samsung told that achieving the foldable display Infinity Flex was not an easy task and made them to re-innovate a new advanced composite polymer which replaces the glass.

Samsung Infinity Flex

Further, we might fold and unfold the display more than 1000 times which might degrade the display so Samsung has added a new foldable adhesive that lasts longer and keeps all the components stuck together when we fold the device. Samsung also claims that the Infinity Flex display is the thinnest display ever produced till date which is 45% thinner.

Samsung Bixby

Samsung also announced some new features about the Bixby AI as it will be open to all third-party app developers. With the help of Bixby Developer Studio, one can enable the Bixby to work with any third party app whereas the Bixby Capsule is nothing but a set of services or features that will be helping the consumer to find in Bixby Marketplace. Bixby Capsule will not be exclusive to Smartphones only instead will be made available for TV, speakers, and all other Home appliances in the coming months.

Apart from that Samsung also announced the three new type of display with  Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. Earlier we had few leaks where Samsung had filed trademarks for the new display with Infinity-U, Infinity-V, and Infinity-O. After all, Samsung becomes the last brand to bring the weird notches to its portfolio.

Samsung Infinity Display

As per the image, we can see the Infinity-U & Infinity V display which comes with U & V-shaped notch which we already saw on many of the smartphones launched earlier. The third display with Infinity-O turns out to be the circular hole on the right side of the display which looks weird. So one can hope that the  Infinity-U, Infinity-V might hit the mid-range Samsung smartphones whereas the Infinity O might land with flagship devices which will be launching as soon as 2019.