Earlier we had few rumors about the new SD8150 SoC to ship with a 5G chip inside and we also had leaks about Qualcomm planning to introduce the first 5G phone by the first half of 2019. Today some of the Qualcomm employee online profile reveals the brands which are actually working with Qualcomm for the new 5G Chip.


As per the source, the first set of brands to use the new Qualcomm 5G modem will be HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Mobile. The leaks aren’t surprising as all of these brands does rely on the Qualcomm for its Chips and modems apart from Apple and Huawei who makes their own chips.

Sadly, we are still not sure when exactly the first Qualcomm based 5G device will launch but we can expect Samsung might be the first to launch the 5G smartphone with its next Galaxy S10 later next year at MWC 2019.