Android Pie,

Google is alls et to launch the next iteration of Android which is reportedly rumored to be called Android Q which is also called as Android 10.0. Google introduced the Samsung exclusive feature multi-window with Android 7.0 which was later introduced with three new forms with split-screen, freeform, and picture-in-picture with Android Oreo.

Android Q

Now Google is planning to introduce the new feature multi-resume on the next iteration of Android the Android Q. Earlier we had got the split-screen where one can utilize the larger screen smartphones better by launching two apps side by side but can run only one app at a time. But with the new multi-resume feature one can able to run both the apps simultaneously where apps don’t get paused, unlike the split-screen.

The new Multi-resume will bring multiple apps to run at a time but Google will also allow manufacturers to pause or resume the multiple apps when it is in the multi-window feature. The same feature was already introduced by Samsung which is called as MultiStar which is now coming soon to the next iteration of Android.