We all are waiting for the 5G revolution which is soon expected to go official by 2019. But wait now we have already news of development underway for the next gen of network tech with 6G.


As per Su Xin, head of the IMT-2020 (5G) tech who is working with MIIT China revealed that 6G study has been already begun earlier this year. Further, he states that countries like Russia, the US, and the European Union have already started working on the 6G networks.

As per the source, the 6G which is an upgraded version of the 5G networks will have whopping 1TBps download speeds. So one can download lots of Bluray quality videos and movies in seconds. 6G will also bring the underwater network support for the better overall network. As per the source, 6G will not launch anytime soon and one has to wait longer till 2030 to go live.