iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

Earlier Apple just unveiled the three new iPhones with iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and new iPhone XR which are also doing well in the market. Now we already have the successor with iPhone Xl in works as we have got few concepts renders leaked online.

Apple iPhone Xl

As per the renders, we can see the new iPhone Xl looks similar to Steve Jobs made iPhone 4 in terms of design but will still feature the iPhone X debut wider display notch. The new iPhone Xl also has slightly thinner bezels along with rounded edges on all the sides which remind the old days of iPhone 4.


Apple iPhone Xl

So is this the death of the innovation from Apple and is still bringing back the same old design next year? we have to wait for it as the above-leaked renders are just concept renders and we might see some major changes when the device gets officially launched.

Apple iPhone Xl

Anyway, one of the renders also shows the new USB Type-C port over the lightning port which was introduced recently with the new iPad Pro variants.