Samsung is all set to launch the new industry first foldable smartphone early next year. Earlier we had got few details along with pricing of the upcoming Foldable smartphone leaked. Today, we have a few more rumors for the Foldable smartphone coming right from China.

Samsung foldable smartphone

Earlier Samsung China Mobile Division head confirmed the new of launching the Foldable smartphone but also told the first look will be unveiled at SDC later next month. Now Chinese Analyst Li Huaibin further told that the Samsung foldable smartphone will launch in CES 2019 early next year.

Further, he also revealed that the foldable smartphone will be available in limited numbers which are just 5,00,000 units under the first lot. The reason behind limited quantities is the pricing as per the source, the new Samsung foldable smartphone will cost a bomb. Anyway, the Samsung foldable smartphone will sport a larger 7.3 inches display which can be folded into a 4.6 inches display.