third-gen Google Chromecast

Google upcoming Hardware event is set to launch a few new devices for 2018 later next week. Earlier we had got few live images showing the new Chromecast leaked. Today, we have few more images showing the new Chromecast along with the retail box.

As per source, one of the Reddit users has again shared a few more images showing the third-gen Chromecast which looks similar to previous leaks. As per the images, we can see the new Chromecast comes with 1080p video streaming support and now it can be controlled with the Google Home speakers too.

Google Smart TV Kit

On the bottom of the new Chromecast, it still comes with USB port along with HDMI cable to connect to the TV. Sadly, we are still not sure about the pricing of the device. Apart from this, we also got another image of the new Google Smart TV Kit which is expected to debut in the Google Hardware Event.

Now Google is planning to bundle the Google Home Mini along with the new Chromecast under a single pack which is re-branded as Google Smart TV Kit. So looks like Google will offer great value with the new Google Smart TV Kit.