Essential Phone

Google Android Creator Andy Rubin started a new smartphone brand with Essential last year and till date, we still didn’t get the successor for the Essential PH-1. Earlier we had few rumors about the company working on smart speaker and second Essential smartphone which were ditched by the company later due to poor sales of the original Essential PH-1.


Now Bloomberg reports claims that Essential is planning to introduce the AI Phone by holding all other projects. As per reports, the new AI Phone will automatically reply back to messages on behalf of the user and will be able to mimic the user. The reports also claim that the upcoming smartphone will come in compact size and the device needs to interact mainly via voice commands and will run with the company’s own AI software.

With the help of AI, the device will automatically respond to emails, book appointments and also make calls using the device. The company is planning to complete the design of the new aI phone by end of this year and will showcase the Essential device at CES later next year.