Samsung is all set to launch its first smartphone with Samsung Galaxy S10 under-display fingerprint scanner early next year. Earlier we had few reports of Samsung to use the Qualcomm made Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Today we have new reports from ETNews which claim that Samsung will be depending upon two companies for the new under-display fingerprint scanner.

Vivo X23

As per ETNews, Samsung has now finalized the list of suppliers for the new under-display fingerprint scanner for the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the source, Samsung will rely on the Chinese company O-film Tech and  Taiwanese touch display technology company GIS for the under-display fingerprint scanner.

Both the company will develop the new under-display scanner based on third gen Qualcomm under-display tech with Ultrasonic readings. We are still not sure of the exact order ratio placed on both company but will start supplying the new fingerprint scanner to Samsung by end of this year.