Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is all set to unveil the rebranded or the successor to Samsung Gear S3 with Samsung Galaxy Watch. Earlier we had got the renders showing the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Now we have few more leaks coming in from South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

As per the source, Samsung upcoming Gear S4 will be rebranded as Galaxy Watch. It will arrive with  46 mm and 42 mm sizes for both men and women. It will have Rose Gold variant. Samsung Galaxy Watch will no longer come with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) which was present on Gear S3 and will only feature NFC for payments.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch will also have 40 modes for a workout when compared with 10 modes on the predecessor. As per the source, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will last for 7 days on a single charge.

Apart from that, the same source also leaked a few more details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As per the Samsung national trainer, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is codenamed as Crown. Samsung is providing extra $299 Premium AKG Headsets or Fortnite Gaming package or both for $99 if one pre-orders the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Earlier there were rumors about Samsung S-Pen will have Bluetooth support and this leak confirms that just 40 seconds of charge for S-Pen will last for 30 minutes. Samsung will also sell S-Pen in various colors so one can buy their favorite color. The S-Pen color will act as the same color font on the off-screen memo. Double tapping the S-Pen will change the camera mode.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have larger 6.4 inches display and will have same dimensions as the predecessor. The camera will also come with AI features so that it can identify the type of landscape, person, animal, food, etc. The new camera app will also detect imperfect picture and suggest to re-capture the pic. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will no longer need DeX pad to turn on the DeX mode as it just needs HDMI cable to turn on the feature.