Qualcomm is all set to officially launch the SD855 for mobiles and SD1000 for PC by December. Qualcomm the top mobile chipset manufacturer is now looking to rename its upcoming SoC so that it can differentiate between the Mobile and PC chipsets.

Earlier we had spotted the new SDM855 SoC in various benchmarks and also was rumored to be the upcoming flagship chipset SD855 which it was codenamed as Hana. But as per the various third-party documents reveal that Qualcomm has renamed the chipset.


As per the source, the new SDM855 will be renamed to SM8150 so probably it will be called SD8150 and it still carries the same Hana codename. Anyway, the new SDM855 will come with 12.4×12.4 millimeter SoC which without new 5G Modem probably the Snapdragon X50 Modem will be separately installed. The new SDM855 will still carry the Snapdragon X24 with 2Gbps Download speeds.

Apart from SDM855, Qualcomm is also renaming the SD1000 series which is now called as SCX8180 which has the same codename Poipu as reported earlier. Qualcomm has already partnered with ASUS and is working on PC with 16GB RAM and 128GB SSD.

Qualcomm is also planning to re-brand the recently launched SD710 and SD670 SoC as SM7250 and SM7150 respectively. Anyway, Qualcomm has now found a way to differentiate between the Windows  PC chipset and Mobile chipset with its new way of naming as SM which stands for Snapdragon Mobile and SCX stands for Snapdragon Computing.

Apart from that, we also got details for the upcoming SM8150 aka SD855 SoC leaked. As per the source, Qualcomm is now planning to introduce some of AI features with the flagship chipset and will also come with dedicated NPU which we saw with the Huawei Kirin 970 SoC.

As per Qualcomm Engineers, are trying to make NPU more powerful so that it can handle the AI based task smoothly and reduce the pressure on CPU. The new SD855 will be built on the 7nm process as per the reports.