Earlier we had few reports about Samsung to begin mass-manufacturing of foldable display later this year and is expected to go on sale from early 2019. Today we have new rumors which state that the upcoming Samsung Foldable smartphone to feature foldable battery.

Samsung SDI Flexible battery

As per Industry insiders, the upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone will come with foldable battery tech which was demoed by Samsung SDI in 2014. At that time, Samsung foldable battery was of lower capacity with just 210 mAh which were not enough to power the huge display.

Now we have a new rumor, which claims that Samsung SDI is all set to begin mass production of 3000mAh & 6000mAh foldable battery and some analyst claim that the upcoming foldable smartphone will come with top of the line specs and will have the capability to turn a smartphone into a tablet. Samsung might begin mass manufacturing of foldable batteries in coming months but not earlier than the end of 2018.