Samsung the top Android device manufacturer is now looking for the change as they are already washed out in China and India due to bad sales. We can even blame the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ which had got a lukewarm response this year due to lack of innovation.

So now Samsung is trying hard to get back the lost customer and launch something new that other manufacturers don’t offer right now so any guesses? It is the foldable display smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy X or whatever they call it. With the dip in overall sales in mobile division, Jay Y Lee had ordered last-minute design changes for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to make it thinner.

Jay Y Lee

Mr. LEE had earlier visited China and discussed with CEO’s of their competitors Xiaomi, Vivo and Huawei and also visited a few of the mobile shop in China to know the reason behind the bad design and he felt that the Chinese company smartphones where more comfortable to hold than the Samsung Galaxy Note series which made him make the last-minute design changes.

“The popularity of foldable smartphones has not yet been proven, but now it is considered the only alternative to rebuild the market dominance,” an official from the electronics industry said. “Samsung Electronics is taking the risks and taking the lead in the market It’s the biggest watch point. ”

Coming back with foldable display tech which is already popular among all Chinese brands and had also filed various patents in the past but right now the technology lag behind and is difficult to achieve the results until 2020 as per reports. So now Samsung is planning to introduce the first foldable smartphone with Samsung Galaxy X so that it can gain back the popularity which was lost in recent years in countries like China and gain back the spot which it has taken by Apple.