Samsung Foldable smartphone

Earlier we had got patent which showed us working of the Samsung first foldable smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy X. Now, we have a minor change in the patent which comes with a secondary display on the upcoming Foldable smartphone.

As per the WIPO, Samsung had filed a patent on 31 Aug 2016 with titleĀ foldable electronic device, hidden display and information display method thereof which was recently published on the website.

As per the patent, we can see the alleged Samsung Galaxy X comes with similar clamp shell form factor. The device when folded, there is a small part of the display uncovered which is called the hidden display which probably shows the notification.

The device will also come with 6-axis sensor which detects if the device is wrongly folded. The hidden display depend upon how the display is folded if the display has lesser fold then we can see a larger part of the secondary aka hidden display.

As per the patent, Samsung will be using hinge on the upcoming foldable smartphone but will feature a single OLED panel, unlike the ZTE Axon M. The patent also shows that the device will also support S-Pen and might bundle along with the device due to its huge screen size with an aspect ratio of 20:9 for additional functionalities.