With every other day, there is a dip in overall sales with both South Korean brand Samsung and LG due to overpriced or not great price to performance devices when compared with the competition from other Chinese smartphone brands.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus


In order to get back, their falling revenue from smartphone sales both LG and Samsung have now decided to follow the Shotgun policy aka will launch many models in a year to compete with other brands. As per previous data, Samsung has already lost their position to Xiaomi in India last year and going on losing its share every quarter. LG is nowhere in the competition now in Indian markets.

As per the source, both Samsung and LG will concentrate more on top-end models but will also launch as many as models under all price range segment. With Huawei P20 hitting the popularity charts and has already sold massive 60% increase in sales when compared with Huawei P10 this year and the Xiaomi Mi 8 has already taken the Chinese market by storm with great features under shocking low price segment.

So will Samsung and LG able to manage the situation? as there is huge competition from most of the Chinese brands under all price segment.