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The next gen of communication is all set to roll-out across the globe in coming months and we already have much news about brands like Samsung, Huawei, Sony are working on 5G devices and also in news to launch its very first 5G smartphone. We now have another brand who is already working on the 5G smartphone with none other than OnePlus.

OnePlus founder, Liu Zuohu, appreciated Qualcomm on the Chinese social media platform Weibo for their development of 5G technology. He further stated that he is much encouraged with them and is excited to launch the 5G smartphone next year which will attract more user.

OnePlus founder, Liu Zuohu, further stated that users must bot keep their expectation with 5G networks high as it will be less fast than the advertised. As the 5G technology is beginning stage founder, Liu Zuohu, further stated that the 5G smartphone will not come earlier than 2019.