Android P

Google announced the next iteration of Android with Android P at Google I/O and also launched the first Developer Preview update which is already receiving many updates. Now Google is planning to add two new features to its upcoming Android P with Text magnifier and filtered text features.

Android P Magnified text

Google has now copied the iOS feature the text magnifier which magnifies the text once dragged over the text. We already saw a similar implementation on iOS and it’s nice to see Google is getting such a great feature to Android P now. Earlier we had to long press the text which use to show the option of cut, copy, paste and web search option on Android 8.0. The magnified tet feature can be activated through Settings > Accessibility > Magnification.


“The magnifier helps users precisely position the cursor or the text selection handles by viewing magnified text through a pane that can be dragged over the text,” explain Florina Muntenescu, Developer Advocate and Siyamed Sinir, Android Text Technical Lead.

Android P Filtered text

Another feature is called the Filtered text which nothing but smart action like if you long press on the contact number it shows the menu with the call, copy, share and message whereas if you click on the web page it shows the option to directly open the app is available and shows copy and share option whereas if shared any address long pressing will show the option to locate via Google Maps, copy and share option.