Samsung has already captured certain markets with their custom chipset Exynos which still uses third-party GPU with Mali GPU that is made by the ARM. Now we have noticed a job listing on Linked IN for custom GPU for lower tier devices.

As per the listing on Linked IN, Samsung has clearly mentioned the development of custom GPU for low-end devices which makes the complete custom solution and will make less dependent upon third-party GPU makes like the ARM. At present, Samsung launches an International variant of their flagship with custom chipset i.e powered by Exynos SoC and will launch Qualcomm Snapdragon for some markets like the US.

Samsung custom GPU

So with Samsung making its debut with custom GPU, it might completely replace the ARM designed Mali GPU in coming months specifically for few devices. Samsung initially wants to test the low-end segment and might be adapted to higher-end devices later on. The Samsung decision of making low-end custom GPU might be the right decision as to keep the cost on the lower side and will also boost the performance higher than regular GPU which are powering the low-end segment.

Anyway, we can expect more devices coming with custom GPU in the future and have to test their real-life performance when compared to other GPU’s.