Samsung has already filed several patents related to transparent display, flexible or foldable display in the past and now we have another on the list with a device having dual edge display with an option to control multiple displays on a single device.

As per the patent filed with WIPO, it clearly shows the device with Dual edge display which we already saw on Samsung latest flagship which is not wider as shown in the image. Anyway, the special function includes that being a part of single display the dual edge can act as independent display where one can use the one side of the display to show notification another side for video playback and the main or flat display for regular usage based on the orientation of the device.

As per the patent, the new technology will find its application in future TV’s or even on a smartphone which doesn’t mean that Samsung will launch a smartphone instead we can expect something like this in the future not sure about the exact timeframe. The patent images also show that main display will show the low-battery notification and on another image, we can see one of the side display showing the notification which indeed confirms that it will show the error based on the orientation of the device being held.

The patent also shows the usage of the new Dual edge display for future remote control which will not have any physical key instead will come with a touchscreen display.