Huawei P20 Pro

With Huawei introducing the new triple camera setup on their latest flagship Huawei P20 Pro last month we got few rumors about even Apple planning to bring the 2019 iPhone with triple camera setup and after that, we also got rumors about Samsung too working on the same for Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now as per the Lin En-ping, CEO of Largan Precision has claimed that the next target to sell the flagship will be triple camera setup for 2019 smartphones. He further said with the success of the new Huawei P20 Pro we can see many smartphones in 2019 coming with the triple camera setup.

Huawei P20 Pro

Currently, the Largan Precision is working on 7P lens module with seven plastic lens pieces with 5P Periscopic hardware which will be available to OEM’s by early 2019. Lin also claimed that demand of the camera lens will never go down even after the fall of overall shipments of mobiles worldwide as there is a huge increase in Dual camera lens setups and with Huawei P20 Pro we can even see further increase in demand for the camera lens in the future.

With the increase of trend for the 3D depth sensor found on Apple’s iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi 8, Lin is planning to launch bigger plant to manufacture in Taiwan soon. There are also rumors about quad camera setup might become to mainstream soon as early as next year.