After Huawei, Samsung, Nokia we now have another smartphone brand entering the 5G race with none other than Apple. The next big telecom generation the 5G will bring faster download and upload speeds to the devices which will be a big plus to be in the race of flagships.

RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

As per the latest reports, Apple is asking US FCC to give up the use of UHF spectrum of 5G tech instead provide the 5G spectrum for enterprises. This gives us major hint that Apple might be working on 5G support for its future iPhones. Apple also asks FCC to reserve more spectrum without any licensing fees.

To start with, it recommended that the FCC should expand the extent of recurrence groups utilized for non-approved purposes, which is not quite the same as the office’s more favored method of approval. Also, it needs FCC to widen the range for unlicensed utilize.

So probably Apple is planning to launch the 5G iPhone as soon as next year.