Alankit Limited, India’s leading GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) has launched e-Raahi, a simple and cost-effective mobile application and desktop software for generation of e-way bills at just the click of a button. This application is available on Google play store and is compatible with Android; whereas the iOS version is under process and will be out soon. As part of its unique features, e-Raahi allows the user to generate, edit and share e-way bills via SMS, WhatsApp and email. The format of the bill is print ready in case the user needs a hard copy for any purpose. Integrated with Alankit’s comprehensive back-end mechanism, the application and software also allow the user to prepare a consolidated invoice report for the filing of GST in place of maintaining multiple bill entries in an excel format.

Introduction of the e-way bill is being seen as a progressive step in the field of logistics and transportation in India. Some advantages like less documentation, reduction in tax avoidance, efficient transportation, limited / no waiting time on check-posts are already being acknowledged by the industry. Yet, these benefits would only come alive on back of efficient digital solutions like Alankit e-Raahi application. Soon, e-Raahi will be integrated with Alankit GST Muneemji (cloud-based compliance software), eliminating the need for uploading transaction details.

Currently, the introductory pricing is Rs. 1000 for first 1000 bills. Alankit is also offering competitively priced packages for generating more than 1000 bills. Next bulk of 500 bills at Rs. 0.90/- each. Any entity/individual who has to transfer goods from one state to another is entitled to create an E-way Bill and will eventually be the Target Market. 

Speaking about the app, Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Managing Director, Alankit Ltd. said “As per the Goods and Service Tax Network, there is the capacity to generate up to 70 lakh e-way bills every day. Currently, only 18% of the capacity is utilized. E-Raahi is geared towards increased utilization, by making transferring of goods a smooth process across India. With a nationwide network and a strong backbone of innovative GST services, Alankit is committed to Digital transformation in India by creating a favorable environment for effective technology implementation with automating various processes of Invoice Creation, E-Way Bill Generation, Return Filing and integrating all these to create a more seamless compliance environment. Our unique application can be used to effortlessly generate a high volume of e-way bills. It is backed by the end to end GST ecosystem created by Alankit in past 11 months, which will bring multiple benefits for the logistics industry. E-Raahi aims at promoting digitization, solve transit time issues, and aid the Government in ushering the antiquated transport industry into the GST framework.” 

What sets the app apart is some unique features not found in any other application available in the market. With e-Raahi, users not only have easy access but, the ability to quickly share bills via SMS or mail. The bill can also be saved on the phone and then sent via WhatsApp to the concerned person, making it a more cost-effective method. The app has also removed the cumbersome process of registering IMEI (The International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers of mobile phones; providing a single point of access by simply using user credentials. Furthermore, it provides auto detection of HSN (Harmonized System Nomenclature) codes as well as the option to search the correct HSN Code using the app itself.  In future, it will also allow users to generate E-way bill for Multi- GSTINs in one login. 

In addition to e-Raahi, Alankit recently launched the Alankit chatbot, an easy, comprehensive means to resolve repetitive queries. The chatbot resolves 400-500 queries daily and has a smart self-learning mechanism that gains insight from the new patterns/ queries. Questions like ‘What is GST?’ and ‘How do I file my returns?’ are resolved instantly.

Features and USPs:

  • User-friendly software/mobile application
  • Easy print facility/option of carrying a digital copy for ease of use
  • One click modification and rectification of the E-Way bill
  • Share by SMS and Email in printable format
  • No IMEI registration of mobile phone required
  • Easily Scan QR code
  • Auto-detection of rates using HSN Codes
  • Bulk upload of invoices using excel
  • Autofill of details of the client using GSTIN
  • Option to search the correct HSN Code
  • Generate E-way bill for Multi- GSTINs in one login (Coming Soon)
  • IOS Version coming soon