Xploree AI Keyboard, a smart mobile app powered by KeyPoint Technologies, today announced that users can now follow the T20 2018 on the Xploree AI Keyboard app. A first of its kind initiative taken by the mobile keyboard, users can now watch T20 matches seamlessly while multitasking. This new initiative will take the users’ experience of watching cricket matches on a mobile device to a new level altogether.


Xploree AI keyboard has a unique cross-app feature that enables users to do different kinds of things simultaneously, without having to leave the current activity on mobile. This comes as a boon to all, who keep using several features on their mobile phones at the same moment. They can now chat, browse and follow T20 matches seamlessly, in real time. Users can access multiple apps and still stay connected to T20 without any interruption. 

Speaking on this development, Nutan Chokkareddy, CEO, KeyPoint Technologies said, “We are delighted to announce that customers can now follow T20 matches through Xploree. The keyboard’s ability to understand and communicate in 28 Indic languages will enable users to type in their native language and stay updated with T20 scores in real time. Our aim is to proactively provide the latest updates to users, without having to download or tap multiple applications.

Keeping the T20 fervor in mind, Xploree has also launched T20 themes on the keyboard. Users can now reflect their mood, show support for their favourite teams on the keyboard. Xploree has added 8 new themes, dedicating each of them to every team. 

“Themes are an exciting way to engage users on the keyboard app. Approximately 1.5 lac users change their keyboard themes on the Xploree app, in a short span of one month. This encouraged us to build topical keyboard themes, this time, based on the T20 series. We are sure users will love this new addition,” said Deepti M Saxena, VP Product, Sales & Marketing, KeyPoint Technologies.

Xploree is the world’s 1st mobile keyboard application that understands user’s intent and gives real time recommendations. Currently, on 20 million devices, Xploree allows users to receive relevant recommendations and content while they chat, search, browse apps, etc. The keyboard understands and identifies user intent, preferences, interests and maps them to real time discoveries. The app’s brand partnerships and the ability to bring value to users with 150 global and Indic languages, is being leveraged by brands across all verticals, to establish direct engagement with consumers, including those associated with this T20 season.