Now we have new rumours from popular tipster Evan Blass who claim that LG had showcased their upcoming smartphones with LG V35, LG G7, LG Q7 and new smartwatch at MWC 2018.

Earlier we had spotted the LG G7 Neo demo unit at MWC 2018 and now we have got few more LG devices with LG V35, LG Q7 and new smartwatch at the LG Booth in MWC 2018.Apart from that, Evan Blass has not leaked any information about the devices.

As it is rumours and there are no proofs about the LG new devices showcased, we can expect the new leaks might be fake but we can expect LG might unveil their next flagship smartwatch soon.

We are still not sure about what will be the next device from LG will be called.Anyways, we have to wait for few more weeks to get some more details about the device.