Android P

Google recently released the first developer preview for the upcoming Android P which will be officially announced in Google I/O event which is held in the month of May this year.Earlier we had few features of the upcoming Android P leaked, today we have one more new feature with Auto-launching app feature.

The Developer has found a new set of strings under SystemUI APK in the recently launched official Android P Developer Preview update.The new string will automatically open apps when the device gets connected to another device.We are still not sure what apps will be launched automatically when connected to another device which is still unknown.We can expect it to be an external device which is when connected to a smartphone will launch an app which is installed on the smartphone.

Android P

We can expect that Google will launch certain apps like when smartphone connects with Bluetooth earphones or speaker it will auto-launches the Google Play Music or when connected to Home Wifi it will automatically launch YouTube or any other streaming apps and we are still not sure whether the feature is able to launch any other third-party apps.

As of now, it is too early to talk about the new auto-launching feature as it is still under Developer Preview version and have to wait for the final version.