TSMC the well-known mobile SoC manufacturer who has already managed to achieve the first 7nm SoC is now planning to manufacture the first 5nm and 3nm SoC by 2019 and 2020 respectively as per reports.


TSMC has reportedly has started building a new manufacturing unit in Southern Taiwan Science Park where they will manufacture and develop the first 5nm SoC.As of now, the TSMC is busy with the 7nm build chipset which will enter mass production by Q4 of 2018 as per earlier leaks.

Currently, most of the SoC is built on the 10nm process and with TSMC already achieving the new 7nm process for the next gen chipset which will be first chipset manufacturer to launch the 7nm built SoC.With 7nm process SoC are launching earlier than expected and as per earlier reports of TSMC making the SD855 SoC which will be based on 7nm process which is big loss for Samsung which is still behind with 8nm process and has also lost one more company that is none other than Apple A12 SoC which is now rumoured to be manufactured by TSMC.

Samsung also revealed that the plant in Texas is capable of making the 4nm SoC by end of 2020 and now TSMC planning to launch 3nm process made SoC by 2020.