Nutan Chokkareddy, CEO, KeyPoint Technologies (Xploree AI Keyboard)

2017 has been a tremendous year for the technology industry. It has witnessed a multitude of disruptive technologies become potential game-changers and major topics of discussion for business leaders across the world. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics, etc. have taken shape in a way that they are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives.

Some of the technology trends that will shape 2018 are –

Artificial Intelligence

Efficient NLP/NLU algorithms are going to power the AI systems and will allow humans to communicate with machines in – the language of their choice and seamlessly.

Intelligent Apps and Analytics:

Access to large amounts of data and ever-improving processing power have enabled machine learning to take a huge leap forward. Apps can derive rich insights from the learnings, allowing them to make intelligent decisions, for providing a great experience to the user. In addition, federated learning models are being built, that aim towards sharing and building collective intelligence, while ensuring user privacy.

Conversational Platforms:

The world of technology, even with its initial apprehensions has embraced the chatbot technology, using it as an effective means to provide first level service to the end users. A world where language would become the new user interface and digital assistants would replace applications and browsers is not too far away.

Cloud to the Edge:

Bringing intelligence to the source where the data originates from carries huge benefits. The on-device AI engine in the keyboard paves way for enhanced user privacy and enables faster responsiveness in making intelligent choices. Additionally, the feature also covers the network connectivity issues that are prevalent in mobile network