Ericcson ConsumerLabs presents the Top 10 Hot Consumer trends for 2018 and beyond which is the annual trend report to explore the future of technology.

We can expect the upcoming technology can be operating with Human terms like Body language, Facial expression, and intonation which will make augment voice and touch to control the consumer interaction with tech devices, easy adaption with the ever-increasing popularity of technological change.

The Top 10 trends for 2018 and beyond are

  1. Your Body is the UI: Yes, with the development of AI technologies which will help us to interact with tech devices based on body language, facial expression, intonation as if they are fellow human beings. As per experts, the technology is expected to develop by end of next three years.
  2. Augmented Hearing: As per data collected, 63% of the consumer would like to translate live with the help of earphones and 52% would like to use earphone to block some unwanted noise.
  3. Eternal Newbies: As per consumer data, 40% of the consumer believe that internet helps them to learn new things or skills and forget it faster than ever.With the development of new skills, 30% of the consumers feel hard to learn new skills.
  4. Social Broadcasting: As per consumer, with the help of AI will make them analyze the fact posted on Social media faster.
  5. Intelligent Ads: Most of the AR/VR users thing that upcoming years we can expect to get more realistic ads which will eventually replace products by themselves.So Ads will become smarter in upcoming years.
  6. Uncanny Communication: As per consumer data, 50% of the consumer think they weren’t able to differentiate the spook of Human and Machine whereas the 40% of the consumer thinks that they will be spooked by a smartphone that reacts to their mood.
  7. Leisure Society: 32% of the students and working people think there is no need for jobs in their life.The 40% of the consumers think that Robot will make them free for leisure time as they are working and earning for them.
  8. Your Photo Room: In coming years one can relive the moments and would able to walk into a photo. Many people think that this technology will be developed by 5 years and will use VR to walk around smartphone pictures.
  9. Streets in Air: As of now the sky is free and stress are filled with traffic.In coming years, 39% people think the sky will be filled with drones and flying vehicles and many of them worry that drone might drop on their heads.
  10. The Changed Future: With present technology, there is hardly any device giving great battery life, every other device need power to be charged. Incoming 5 years we can see major development in the field of battery technology which will bring the evolution of long-lasting batteries which will put to an end for charging concerns.

Michael Björn, Head of Research, Ericsson ConsumerLab, says: We are entering a future where devices neither have buttons and switches nor need to be controlled digitally via your smartphone. In fact, this may be a necessary change, as it would be difficult for people to learn a new user interface for every device that gets connected to the Internet of Things.

“Today, you have to know all the intricacies of the devices you use. But in the future, the devices will know you instead. For this to become a reality, devices must be able to relay complex human interaction data to cloud-based processing, and respond intuitively within milliseconds, increasing requirements on next generation connectivity.”