Synaptics earlier in 2016 had announced the first optical fingerprint scanner and today they have unveiled the updated version of the same under-display fingerprint scanner.

Synaptics has launched the new in-display fingerprint sensor series with Synaptics Clear ID fingerprint sensor with FS9500 sensor.Theses scanner are placed under the display which is the much-awaited features and was rumored to be launched with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X this year which didn’t happen.Synaptics has announced the first under-display fingerprint scanner with FS9500 which is scheduled to launch with unnamed Tier 1 brand by early 2018.

With all-display or edge to edge display becoming the trend lack of space at the front forces smartphone manufacturers to move the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device which looks kind of ugly at times.So with this Clear ID fingerprint sensor, which will be placed under the display and is easy to unlock the device as you just have to touch the display.

The Synaptics FS9500 will provide faster unlock speeds and offer great User experience.Currently, this sensor is only compatible with OLED displays and the fingerprint is registered from the first shining light of the display where the sensor is able to capture the reflection of that light and interpret the reflection of fingerprint impression.The fingerprint sensor uses the machine learning technology so that it cannot be hacked easily and help to identify the fingerprints accurately.The new FS9500 fingerprint sensor comes with a response time of 0.5 seconds.So we can expect the Synaptics Clear ID to make the presence in all 2018 smartphones.