Samsung upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 is all set to launch early 2018 and now we have some new rumors for the upgraded version of Samsung accessory Samsung DeX.As per tech blog, the upcoming Samsung DeX will be a pad and won’t have a dock, unlike the DeX, launched with Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Second-gen Samsung DeX is rumored to be called the DeX Pad.The upcoming Samsung DeX might be compatible with both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.The Samsung DeX Pad will still connect the devices via the USB Type-C port and as of now there are no details showing the actual design of the device, but it might now be lying flat instead of placed straight in the dock.Samsung is planning to add a new feature to Android 8.0 update for Samsung DeX that will make the user to lay down the device as a trackpad and a keyboard.

The Samsung DeX Pad is rumored to be priced at $150 (Rs.10,000/-) and might be launched with Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in early 2018.