MediaTek launches Sensio a new Biosensor

MediaTek Sensio Mt6831


MediaTek Sensio Mt6831

MediaTek is now entering the fitness market with a new sensor Sensio which will add some of the wearables features to smartphones. Sensio is a Biosensor which will be inside the smartphone and will have three areas on the smartphone where one can check their accurate readings.

The first area is located at the back of the smartphone one have to touch with their fingers, right side with another finger and lower right side with fingers of another hand.The main reason behind using both the hands will help one to get the accurate and faster heart rate details.Sensio will also measure heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, Blood pressures trends, PPG and ECG.All this measurementĀ is done in just 1 minute.

MediaTek Sensio sensor will also come with a dedicated app which will save all your data in the cloud.MediaTek Sensio comes with small MT 6381 SoC which is the smallest ECG electro-nodes available right now in the market.Due to its size will not take much of the smartphone space and will also power efficient.

MediaTek Sensio MT 6381 chip will be available for all smartphone manufacturers starting from Q1 of 2018.MediaTek has not revealed their partners as of now, but we can expect many devicesĀ in the future to use this new chip.