Google today launches three new apps for the camera with Google StoryBoard for Android, Selfissimo! for Android and iOS and Scrubbies for iOS only.Google launches the new appsperiments a series of apps developed new features, fun and useful camera features on a smartphone.

Google StoryBoard

Google earlier launched the Google Motion Still which is also part of Google’s appsperiments which make use of automatic stabilization and image rendering tech to create great GIF’s and time-lapse videos from any smartphones.


Now Google has added some more apps to their Google’s appsperiments series with Google StoryBoard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies.


The new StoryBoard app will help create photos and videos to make a comic page.Selfissimo is automatic selfie shooter app which will click a selfie whenever you stop moving and pose for pictures.The last app is the Scrubbies is video editing app which will let to create amazing loops by controlling the direction and speed of the video.

So do try out some of the latest apps from Google for the camera.All the apps are free to download.

Here is the app link to Google StoryBoard: Android
                                     Selfissiimo!: Android ,iOS 
                                      Scrubbies: iOS



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