Google has now partnered with well known Japanese company Sharp to develop the 20MP Micro Display for VR and AR devices as per keynote was given by Clay Bavor at Certification of Information Display’s Display Week.

The project was under wraps to date and with this announcement Google AR & VR Vice-president Clay Bavor said that the current VR and AR experience is not up to the marked lack of pixels so with more pixels one can get better VR and AR experience.There are no technical details been shared like how the display will work? but mentioned that it will come with huge pixel counts.

As of now, Google and Sharp are currently making LCD display which is having refresh rates of 90-120 frames per second which is currently seen only on OLED panels.If this project is well implemented then we can see cost and power efficient displays for VR and AR in the future.

The screen will come with high data throughput for VR and AR content with high frame rates to run it smoothly.The refresh rates of 90 to 120 frames per seconds is called as the 20 Mega Pixel per eye and would transfer data at the speed of 50 to 100 Gbps.

The currently available displays are not able to work at the above speeds.As of now, there are no details regarding the launch date when the system will be available for consumers.