Apple will launch three new iPhone X in 2018 as per Nomura analyst prediction.Earlier we had got some rumors about Apple considering to launch three new iPhone X like devices having different screen sizes in 2018. We even had got rumors about the Apple upcoming 2018 iPhones to feature Dual SIM card slots.

As per new prediction predicted by Nomura and KGI securities, Apple might release two new iPhones with the OLED panel and one iPhone with LCD display.As per Nomura, the Apple iPhone 2018 series with 6.1 inches LCD display will have similar iPhone X like bezel-less display but will have a single rear camera and will be the cheapest iPhone among three devices.There is no 3D touch feature on the LCD version of iPhone 2018 but will come equipped with the FaceID feature.As per Kuo the iPhone with LCD display will cost somewhere between $650 to $900.

The Nomura also claimed that the two OLED variants of iPhone to feature 5.8 inches display and 6.5 inches display sizes.The 5.8 inches OLED paneliPhone will be the successor to the iPhone X and another one with 6.5 inches OLED panel will be called the iPhone X Plus variant.Both the iPhones will have exactly same specs and come with new 512 GB variant and also feature Dual SIM functionality.Both the iPhones will feature the FaceID for unlocking the smartphone.

All the iPhones will still have the notch on top of the display.As per Nomura, the 2019 iPhones will come equipped with 3D sensing rear camera.Due to the presence of True-Depth sensor on the rear camera will help Apple to utilize the camera for AR features on iPhones.

The cheapest iPhone with LCD display will be assembled by Pegatron and Wistron whereas the other two OLED display iPhones will be assembled by Foxconn as per Nomura.The specification and supplier for various components of the above-mentioned iPhone will not be finalized until Q2 of 2018.

Please note that all the potential spec changes and supply chain dynamics for 2H18F new iPhones in this report are observations from our supply chain surveys, together with our own inferences, and they are subject to change, as the new iPhone specs and suppliers will not be finalised before late-1Q or early-2Q18F.