Android Oreo

Android Oreo launched in late Aug this year and now we are getting some news from Google who is busy working on the next iteration of Android with Android P. Earlier we had got leaks which suggested that Carrier networks will be able to hide the network signal strength on Android P.

Android Oreo

Today Google Senior Vice president of Platform and Ecosystem Hiroshi Lockheimer was indulged in the discussion for the name suggestion of the upcoming Android P.As per Lockheimer, the next iteration of Android will be marketed as Android Peppermint Pocky. The name Android Peppermint was earlier suggested by popular YouTuber MKBHD.Always we do receive a lot of rumours about the name suggestion for next version of Android but at the end, the rumours turn out to be fake and the name will be something else so we can’t expect that Android P will ever be called the Android Peppermint.

As per earlier ASOP leaks suggested that Android P will have a new version number of Android 9.0 apart from Android KitKat which came with Android 4.4 version number instead of a whole number.We had many leaks about the Android P but we didn’t receive any major leaks about the features included on Android P.We can expect the Android P to be unveiled at Google I/O held on March 2018.





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