Samsung is working on new VR which will come with a new feature called inside-out tracking. After launching the Odessey VR now Samsung is planning to launch few more VR in the future with one of them will come with the inside-out tracking feature.

Samsung is currently working on VR which will have 6 DoF when compared to 3 DoF on current Samsung Galaxy Gear VR which will provide more immersive VR experience to the user.The company is even working on standalone VR similar to recently launched HTC Vive Focus which also comes with 6 DoF controllers.Samsung is also making the VR UI more user-friendly and also reduce the motion sickness.

Samsung upcoming VR will be a standalone VR and will sport Dual OLED display having a resolution of  1400*1660p with a 110 degree of view.It will also have built-in AKG headphones.